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Changing outcomes one classroom at a time

About the Owner


LISA C. JONES, is an independent contractor with more than 20 years of experience in the education field holding roles such as Assistant Principal, MTSS Coordinator, Senior Technical Assistance Consultant, Project Manager, and Classroom Teacher. As a technical assistance consultant, LC-EL Consulting works with schools and districts to develop organizational systems for leadership and for classroom instruction. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Leadership, Team building, Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS), Intervention Strategies, Data Analysis, and Instructional best practices. LC-EL Consulting is committed to providing meaningful, results driven support to educators to achieve organization goals. By working alongside school teams, we build user capacity with research/evidence based tools and strategies. With a vast history working with school districts across the country, LC-EL Consulting is poised to help your district develop systems and teams to achieve your school improvement goals. Lisa's research towards a doctoral degree in Curriculum Studies at the University of Illinois, Chicago focused on teacher epistemology and the impact of those philosophies on student outcomes. Lisa is currently working to complete her doctoral studies in Educational Leadership and anticipates completion in 2024. She has earned a B.A. in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Governors State University and is currently licensed as an Administrator in the state of Illinois.

How we help

Many schools are forced to stretch staff far too thin to address all of the learning needs of students they serve. LC-EL Consulting LLC works alongside school and district partners offering short and long term support packages. Our team is prepared to step-in to deliver Professional development, tools and strategies to build your leadership and instructional capacity.  LC-EL Consulting can help with a multitude of services to strengthen your efforts and help you gain traction towards reaching the goals you've set.


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Tiered Instructional Support

Intervention Support

Every classroom and every student has unique needs. While small group instruction may be provided in a classroom, teachers often find it challenging and sometimes impossible to provide all of the needed levels of tiered instruction.  LC-EL Consultants offer small group tiered interventions that are customized to students particular needs.  Using universal screening and formative assessment data from the classroom teacher, LC-EL Consultants help to provide strategic and targeted interventions.

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Professional Development

Building Capacity

LC-EL Consulting LLC offers a wide range of professional development workshops to build capacity of staff. Our suite of topics include team building, comprehensive lesson planning, Cognitive Rigor in instruction, Discursive practices in instruction, Checking for Understanding, Student Engagement and Student Centered Disciplne. This list is not comprehensive. Our consultants have extensive expertise and we are able to design training packages to suit your school and district needs.

Energy Efficiency Consultation

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Consulting

Our school professionals are ready to jump in and support administrators, teacher leaders and teachers with data analysis protocols, pedagogy, best practices, content and implementation fidelity. 

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Leadership Coaching

LC-EL Consultants work alongside building leadership teams to perform root-cause analysis to streamline systems and develop protocols to ensure high-level systems operations. Our consultants will work to develop models that outline roles and responsibilities and we help to develop measures to monitor effectiveness towards accomplishing school/district goals.

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